The Geography Quiz

How well do you know your India from your Illinois? Your Tripoli from your Timbuktu? Take the Geography Quiz and put yourself on the map.

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Q1. From which northern European country does the sauna originate?
Q2. Which is the only major river that flows north and south of the equator?
Q3. Which European country is the world’s most popular tourist destination, with an estimated 76 million visitors a year?
Q4. Which is the largest Island in the Caribbean?
Q5. With a size of just 0.17 square miles, which is the world’s smallest country?
Q6. New Zealand’s North and South islands are separated by which strait?
Q7. Which South American country is the world’s largest producer of copper?
Q8. The city of Srebrenica is in which country?
Q9. Which desert gets its name from the Mongolian word for ‘waterless place’?
Q10. Which mountain range is the world’s longest?
Q11. The Turpan Depression, with temperatures as high as 117 F, is the lowest and hottest place in which country?
Q12. Which country has the world’s longest coastline?
Q13. Which continent contains 90% of the world's freshwater reserves?
Q14. Which country is the world’s largest tea producer?
Q15. Lesotho is completely surrounded by which other country?
Q16. More than half of the USA’s coastline is in which state?
Q17. Which of the world’s 5 oceans is the smallest?
Q18. 19 of the world’s 25 highest peaks can be found in which mountain range?
Q19. Which continent has the most countries?
Q20. Muscat is the capital city of which country?