The Children’s Literature Quiz

Paddington bear

Rupert the Bear, Paddington Bear, Winnie the Pooh. Care to bare your knowledge here to show how much you remember about those bedtime stories of old?

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Q1. Mr. Tumnus appears in which collection of books?
Q2. From which country does Paddington Bear originate?
Q3. Who wrote The Little Mermaid?
Q4. Boggis, Bunce and Bean appear in which Roald Dahl story?
Q5. Which wood did Winnie The Pooh call home?
Q6. Which classic story includes the chapters Pig & Pepper an The Lobster Quadrille?
Q7. Who wrote The Night Before Christmas?
Q8. A cat named Simpkins appears in which Beatrix Potter tale?
Q9. In which Raymond Briggs' story does a girl named Tilly appear?
Q10. What is the name of the third book in the Harry Potter series?
Q11. The Edwardian novel Five Children & It tells the story of a meeting with which magical figure?
Q12. The Butterfly Club is a children's novel by which author?
Q13. What is the name of Paddington Bear's antique dealer friend?
Q14. The Onceler appears in which Dr. Suess story?
Q15. Who became Children's Laureate in 2017?
Q16. Name the 3 Puddleducks.
Q17. Which animal appears from under the bed in a Judith Kerr picture book?
Q18. The Adventures Of Tom Bombadil is a collection of poems by which author?
Q19. Which Poet Laureate wrote The Box of Delights?
Q20. The character Cornelius Fudge is the creation of which author?