80s Song Lyrics

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Who remembers buying their weekly copy of Smash Hits just to get the lyrics to their favourite songs? Here are 16 lines from well-known 80s hits. But which hits are they from?

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Q1. "You've got style, that's what all the girls say."
Q2. "No more thinking about tomorrow. Forget the loneliness and the sorrow."
Q3. "Till now, I've always got by on my own."
Q4. "Freezing breath on a window pane, lying and waiting."
Q5. "All that I have is all that you've given me."
Q6. "Shooting up the town, boys"
Q7. "I could be wrong, I could be right"
Q8. "And his mind is a beacon in the vale of the night"
Q9. "Here I am again in this mean old town"
Q10. "Look at me, I'm thrilled to your touch"
Q11. "A vacation in a foreign land. Uncle Sam does the best he can."
Q12. I've fallen in love for the first time."
Q13. "A walk in the park can become a bad dream."
Q14. "Because my love for you would break my heart in two."
Q15. "The alcohol loves you while turning you blue."
Q16. "By chance his girlfriend came across the needle and soon she did the same."