Live Online Quizzes

Book a virtual pub quiz for your company get-together

We host bespoke themed quizzes via Zoom, perfect for team-building, socials, Christmas parties and networking events.

Book one of our live events and have Mr. Bobbington bring you and your colleagues together for two hours of fun and trivia. Put your heads together and work in teams or pit your wits against each other individually. Our online quizzes are a great way to socialise and raise morale at times when it’s not possible to meet up.

How it works:

We use our Zoom Business account to host corporate quizzes. Participants do nott necessarily need to have Zoom accounts and can access the quiz via a link which we will send you. Quizzes last 1-2 hours and around 50 questions in length. You will be able to chat before the quiz and during the quiz interval, as well as working together in smaller teams in breakout rooms if you wish.

Your quiz will be an entirely bespoke collection of questions based on your requirements. Example topics include general knowledge, pop music, literature, geography, football, local landmarks and celebrities. Tell us what your interests are or let us pick an interesting range of topics for you.

Mr. Bobbington will ask the questions in rounds whilst showing the questions on screen. You can take notes and scribble down your answers. Should you choose to work in teams you will periodically go to your breakout rooms where you can discuss the questions with your team mates and decide on your team’s final answers. After each round, Mr. Bobbington will read out the answers. Make a note of how you or your team did – you will be asked to report back at the end of the quiz! It’s up to you if you want to provide a prize for the winner. We ask that you take the quiz in the spirit of fun and entertainment. We don’t offer prizes because we can’t ensure from our end whether people are cheating. But we do ask that you don’t cheat by searching for answers online because it’s more fun if you don’t!

Please get in touch to find out more